Research Goals

The main research goal in FlexiSTAT is the integration of the b-axis in turning-/milling-centers for the use in turning operations.

To reach this goal, it is necessary to close several technology gaps which prevent the reliable application of the technology yet. These gaps are going to be addressed in three different modules:

Process Planning

  • Development of a CAM module for process planning activities which can be used on every state-of-the-art computer, is capable to control the third axis and to generate the three axis tool path automatically with a full tool support and collision prevention


  • Acquire new knowledge about how the tools have to be moved and how the process parameters have to be set
  • New models will be developed which allow the prediction of all necessary output variables in advance like the generated surface quality, the production time, the tool wear, the machining accuracy and the force development


  • Development of new tools which combine the benefits of different tool shapes
  • New slim and flexible tool holders
  • Advanced tool measurement systems will be able to measure every kind of tool geometry