IMC Métaldur S.A.

IMC Métaldur S.A. is a well-known manufacture of customized high precision tools designed mainly for metal machining. Their manufacturing facility and marketing headquarters is located in Villaz-St-Pierre, Switzerland. Métaldur is supplying a large variety of tools, including brazed, disposable, hard metal, PCD and CBN inserts, to manufacturing companies throughout Europe and the world. Due to more than 40 years of tool manufacturing, they are highly experienced in producing customized tools for unique machining applications in grooving, turning and milling applications. In addition to this, Métaldur is manufacturing tool-holders for high precision applications as well as for heavy duty applications.

Role and Objectives

The task of Métaldur in the project is the development, design and manufacturing of novel tool geometries and tool holders. This is going to happen in close cooperation with Tekniker.


IMC Métaldur S.A.
Zone Industrielle du Vivier 4
1690 Villaz-St-Pierre