Mecánica Industrial Buelna SL

Mecánica Industrial Buelna (MIB) was established in 1971, has 30 employees and is a leading-edge technology job-shop manufacturer from North-Spain. With its more than 40 production machines, mainly in the field of turning and milling, MIB is producing medium-scale series parts as well as prototype components for a wide range of industrial sectors, such as: oil and gas, car making, nuclear power, aeronautics, railways, food, heavy duty vehicles, military, mining etc. Furthermore MIB is offering design, installation and consulting services.

Role and Objectives

MIB’s main task in the project is the demonstration and evaluation of simultaneous three axis turning technology regarding heavy duty applications. MIB ha five large turn-/mill-centers which are able to perform simultaneous three axis turning operations. By implementation of FlexiSTAT technology MIB expects a more flexible and efficient production.


Mecánica Industrial Buelna SL
Barrio La Agüera, s/n. Apartado 16
San Felices de Buelna 39409 - Cantabria