IMIX Vision Support Systems B.V.

IMIX, a Dutch company consisting of three employees, develops and realizes state-of-the art image and video analysis systems. The focus is on the markets agro and food, security and surveillance, (sub) micron imaging and analysis. Beside co-developer and maker for OEM market, IMIX realizes niche products for which image analysis is the dominant technology. The accuracies of these analyzing systems differ in a wide range up to 0.1 micron. An example of such product is a system for measuring accurately the geometry of a tool and its deviation from the desired geometry. Such systems are used for alignment measurement of tools on production machines.

Role and Objectives

The main tasks of IMIX in the project will encompass to develop and to build a compact optical measurement system to measure the tool shape and the tool position within the lathe with a sufficient accuracy. Additionally an interface has to be developed to convert the measurement data and to feed back the data to the control of the lathes. IMIX expects from the project a widening of their expertise for monitoring systems and their market position by the further development of such an optical measurement system.


IMIX Vision Support Systems B.V.
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