Gereedschapswerktuigenindustrie Hembrug B.V.

The Hembrug company originally started in 1679 as the Dutch ordnance works "Artillerie Inrichtingen" and was made independent in 1973. HEM, who are located in Haarlem, Netherlands, has specialised itself in the development, manufacturing and marketing of highprecision turning machines. With 57 employees, HEM is now in Europe market leader in the field of high-precision hard turning lathes for extreme accuracy parts.

Role and Objectives

Hembrug’s main task in the project as a machine tool manufacturer is the implementation of FlexiSTAT technology in a high-precision lathe. Hembrug will make sure that tool measurement systems made for simultaneous three axis turning run sufficiently on the machine tool.


Gereedschapswerktuigenindustrie Hembrug B.V.
Hendrik Figeeweg 1a+b
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