Fundacion Tekniker

Fundacion Tekniker was legally incorporated in 1981 as a non-profit making foundation based on a statutory commitment aimed at upgrading the competitiveness of the industrial fabric and its services via technological support. Tekniker is located at Gipuzkoa in north Spain and has approximately 265 employees. From a historic perspective, Tekniker is a renowned center of Manufacturing Technologies. The preferential sectors covered include ancillary automotive sector, machine tool and accessories, aeronautics and outer space applications. Tekniker is an active research organization with strong expertise related to tool development and manufacturing processes development.

Role and Objectives

Tekniker will participate mainly in the design of the tools and tool-holders, involving the selection of the right tool geometry, the definition of the tool clamping system and the cone adaptor meeting the HSK-T standard. The activity includes the loads and mechanical analysis to ensure the expected behavior and the correct development of the three axis turning process. The design activities also include geometrical analysis to avoid interferences and collisions between the tool, the tool holder, the machine and the workpiece.


Fundacion Tekniker
C/ Iñaki Goenaga,5
20600 Eibar, Gipuzkoa