Direct-Line Kft.

Direct-Line Kft. is a Hungarian SME with 70 employees. They are located in Dunaharaszti, Hungary, with a 12,900 m² large facility area. Direct-Lines main focus is the production and trade of stainless steel products. These are common metal parts on one hand but also high precision parts for sewage industry. Besides this, Direct-Line is entering the market for gear transmissions. They developed a unique, patented high precision roller gear which shall be produced soon at the facilities of Direct-Line. Thus, Direct-Line is focusing the development of new machining processes. For this they set up a high-precision R&D Laboratory with the aim to further develop known cutting technologies.

Role and Objectives

Direct-Line Kft.'s main tasks as an end-user in the project are the demonstration and evaluation of simultaneous three axis turning technology regarding high precision applications. For this they are going to perform several demonstration and evaluation activities within their high precision laboratory.


Direct-Line Kft.
Jedlik Ányos utca 14
2330 Dunaharaszti